As a lasting Memorial for "My little brother Randy", I dedicate this site.

Valjean J. Adams
Sister of a Fallen Hero

Wedding Day - Bill and Gina Davis with son David,
Gina's mother Constance and brother Randy. 

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Randy's wedding day with sister Gina who is expecting her
second child, Janel.

14 year old sister Gina, 18 months old nice Tanya, with 18 year old Randy and family dog, Kristina at Chevy Park in Los Angeles, CA.

As Gina spoke at our brother's funeral, she referred to Randy as a "protector."  " He was always there for my mother and me, especially in the absence of my father."  She called him whenever she or her mother  needed something;  he always answered, "I'll take care of it," and he always did. 

Gina and Randy attended Washington State University together for a time, and Gina remembers Randy "protecting " her right out of every possible date she might have had.  People always had a certain reverence for Randy, even during his college days.  And so the word was "You can't talk to Gina, that's Randy's little sister." 

While there wasn't any dating going on, what a sense of pride and comfort and yes "protection" she felt knowing that a brother like Randy was always close by.   

The Davis Family - from left to right, Janel, David, Gina, Jeremy and Bill.

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