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Valjean J. Adams
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Cecil and Valjean Adams

Tiffany with Daughter
Juvirn Adams (9)

The Adams Family:
Tiffany-youngest daughter (6); Tanya-oldest daughter (10);
Valjean Adams-mother; Cecil Adams-father
     Christmas  1984

It was November 2007 that  I felt compelled to visit my mother in Diamond Bar, CA.  I thought it was a spiritual unction that something was wrong with her.  But as it turns out, it wasn't about my mother, it was about my brother Randy.  And as we made plans for a longer visit in March during Spring Break, with his taking some  vacation time, I had no idea that this would be the last time I'd ever see him.  In just three months, he would be gone. 

As a child, Randy had his funny days but for the most part, he was just a real mellow guy.  Even then, he was protective of the ladies in his life, Mommy, Gina and me.  Our father was very strict but Randy just went along with the program, whatever that may have been at the time.  At one time we were without a car so we had to walk down Hempstead Turnpike

Randy & Valjean - Summer 2000

Valjean (9) Randy (4) -Germany 1960

in Long Island, New York on Friday nights to church services.  Daddy preached, I sang, Mommy played the piano, Gina usually slept and Randy played the drums for the song service.  So there he was following behind us, down this busy turnpike carrying his drums but he  never complained; he was about nine.

Daddy put him out once because he didn't get home before the street lights came on (that was Randy's curfew time).  He was eleven then.  There he stood in his bedroom  packing for his "life on the road;" he took his ugly red plaid bathrobe, his football magazines and,  of course, his football.  As we ran to the front bedroom window to watch our brother disappear down the block, Gina cried and I laughed hysterically.  In about half an hour, Daddy went to get him but you can bet that Randy never missed curfew again. 

He was a great kid, had lots of friends and everyone liked him.  He was meticulous with his appearance and his room was always spotless.  He could clean, iron and cook. In college he didn't have much money; scramble eggs and rice were a staple. 

When I got married in 1972, we found ourselves living on two different coasts.  We didn't see each other very often ; that was hard.  To keep connected, he'd write me letters.  They were wonderful letters, due in part to the sweet lyrics of Stevie Wonder songs.  Randy was a huge Stevie Wonder fan in the seventies, and I think Stevie helped him to express his feelings.   That's o.k.; I loved every letter just the same. 

So much of who he was began when he was a child.  I wish I could turn back the hands of time and relive it all with him again.

Tanya, with Son-Justin and Husband-John Eusebe

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The Simmons Family:
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